Tuesday, August 28, 2007

[music]+[video] Paul McCartney - Nod Your Hed

"Paul McCartney's Memory Almost Full is driven by some remarkable songs that touch on nostalgia and mortality. In between those two points, you'll find Nod Your Head, a grinding, mid-tempo rocker highlighted by some piercing piano with Sir Paul encouraging everyone to do nothing more than, you guessed it, nod their heads. The rhythm is strong, steady and uncharacteristically noisy but the lyrics are textbook early rock 'n' roll. Find a catch phrase, create a dance craze ... and repeat. But as if new material from Paul McCartney wasn't enough of a good thing, iTunes has both the video and the single available - for free. Enjoy." -- iTunes Store

Genre: Rock

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Anonymous said...

pretty spiffy. not.

Keith said...

no longer free, oh well... here its not very good anyways