Tuesday, October 9, 2007

[video] Blood Ties - D.O.A

"Get ready for a fantastic thrill ride with private investigator Vicki Nelson, who joins forces with a 450-year-old vampire to solve supernatural crimes. When sparks fly between the unlikely pair, Vicki is torn between her new fanged friend and her former colleague and lover, Mike, in this tale of two worlds colliding, based on Tanya Huff's best-selling Blood Books novels." -- iTunes Store

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Episode Summary
Get ready to take a thrilling ride alongside Vicki Nelson, a private investigator who specializes in solving supernatural crimes. Together with her assistant, Coreen; Vicki's ex-partner (and lover), Mike; and the sexy 450-year-old vampire, Henry, Vicki finds herself delving ever deeper into the secrets of the mystical world, all the while torn between her allegiance to Mike and her growing attraction to Henry. In this episode: The spirit of an old cop friend of Vicki's, Paul Deeds, asks her to find out what happened to his body while he was working undercover. But when Paul shows up alive, Vicki struggles to convince Henry and Mike that the spirit inhabiting Paul's body isn't his.

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