Wednesday, November 28, 2007

[music] DJ Bitman ft Jimmy Fernandez - El Diablo

"DJ Bitman has made El Diablo sould like a pretty cool character on this tune from his new album, Latin Bitman. The vocals from Jimmy Fernandez stay low-key and funky while Bitman lays out a groove that could be a cut from hip-hop's Daisy Age with the addition of bossa nova guitars and some sweetly melodic beatnik-worth flute samples." -- iTunes Store

Genre: Electronic

Download for Free!

the fine print: Downloads are usually free for ~1 week after they've been posted. After that, you'll have to pay for them. Sorry! You snooze, you lose.


steve said...

i don't want it on iTunes Plus format. My nano 1-gen is chugging along just fine, but with only 2 MB I'm just going to convert to AAC. Really. So save us the trouble!

Then again, it's free!

Alyssa said...

how do add the songs to your library? when i tried buying it, they tried to charge me still.