Tuesday, November 20, 2007

[video] Nimrod Nation - Episode 1

"This eight-part original documentary series from filmmaker Brett Morgen (The Kid Stays in the Picture) profiles rural Watersmeet, Michigan, where everyone follows the progress of the local high-school basketball team - the Nimrods. More a portrait of a small American town than a conventional sports documentary, Nimrod Nation sympathetically observes life and conversation in the local coffee shops, hunting lodges, and locker rooms as the long, cold basketball season unfolds." -- iTunes Store

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Episode Summary
As the school year begins, hopes are high for the Watersmeet Nimrods, who won the 2005 District Finals in the team's best season ever. Coach George Peterson III hopes to lead the Nimrods to a championship, but he must balance his duties with his job as the principal of Watersmeet Township School. The team's star members include guard George Peterson IV, a senior who is the coach's son; center Nathan Vestich, a senior who is also student council president; and center Brian Aimsback, a Native American in his junior year. The season opener pits the Nimrods against a tough opponent, the Bessemer High School Speedboys.

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