Saturday, December 22, 2007

Free Content for your new iPhone or iPod

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Did you get a new iPhone or iPod for the holidays? Fill up your new toy with free and legal music, videos, and audiobooks from the US iTunes Music Store. You'll need an account but if you have a credit card with a US billing address it's pretty easy to set up.

Here at Free iTunes Downloads, we blog the free content available for your iPhone or iPod. Remember to bookmark us, or subscribe to our RSS news feed so you'll remember to come back every week and see what's new and free.

To get the free downloads, click on the link for the downloads you're interested in. You'll be brought to our previous blogs where you can read the description of each download. If you're still interested click the Download link at the bottom of each blog and you'll be taken to the iTunes Store. The free downloads expire randomly so make sure you check that the download is free before you "buy" it. Here is what a free download should look like in the iTunes Store.

Without further ado, here are the downloads for your iPhone or iPod:


  1. Bright Eyes - When The President Talks To God (Alternative)
  2. London Symphony Orchestra - Hallelujah Chorus (Holiday - expires very soon)
  3. Chanticlear - Ding Dong! Merrily On High (Holiday - expires very soon)
  4. Victor Manuelle - Lechón, Lechóon, Lechó (Holiday - expires very soon)

TV Episodes

  1. Stand-Up Hot Picks (Comedy)
  2. Aliens in America (Comedy)
  3. The Shot (Reality TV)
  4. Kaya Pilot (Reality TV)
  5. Run's House (Reality TV)
  6. Gotti's Way (Reality TV)
  7. The Kentucky Kid (Sports)
  8. Sports Action Team (Sports)
  9. October Road
  10. Three Moons Over Milford series premiere (Sci-Fi)
  11. Firebird International Raceway (Sports)
  12. Let's Just Play (Children)
  13. The Naked Brothers Band (Children)
  14. Learn Along with Sesame (Children)
  15. Aprende con Sesame (Children Spanish)

Short Videos

  1. Prison Break (TV Show)
  2. Noah's Arc (TV Show)
  3. Gossip Girl (TV Show)
  4. Making A Scene: 30 Days (TV Show)
  5. Black.White (TV Show)
  6. Dirt Premiere Red Carpet Interviews (TV Show)
  7. Best of the X Games (Sports)
  8. This Is SportsCenter Promos (Sports)
  9. ESPN College Football (Sports)
  10. ESPN College Basketball (Sports)
  11. It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia (Comedy)
  12. Tutorials (Comedy)
  13. The Real World: Sydney (Reality TV)
  14. The Real World Casting Special (Reality TV)
  15. America's Most Smartest Model (Reality TV)
  16. Kaya (Reality TV)
  17. Spotlight 25 (Woman's Issues)
  18. Bam's Unholy Union (Music Video)
  19. Instant Star (Teens)


  1. John McCain - Hard Call: Great Decisions and the Extraordinary People Who Made Them (History)
  2. Larry Kane - Ticket To Ride: Interviews (Non-Fiction)
  3. The Bible Experience: The Christmas Story
  4. The Bible Experience: The Easter Story (Non-Fiction)
  5. Fired: Tales Of Jobs Gone Bad (Non-Fiction)
  6. VangoNotes: Study Skills and Test Taking Strategies (Non-Fiction)
  7. Rory Freedman & Kim Barnouin - Skinny Bitch (Health)
  8. 2007 State of the Union Address
  9. 2007 Democrats' Response to the State of the Union Address
  10. Paley Center For Media - Grey's Anatomy (Discussion)
  11. Brad Meltzer - The Millionaires (Mystery)
  12. James Patterson & Michael Ledwidge - Step On A Crack (Mystery)
  13. Syerrilyn Kenyon - Fear The Darkness (Mystery)
  14. An Interview with George R. R. Martin (Sci-Fi/Fantasy)
  15. Star Wars: Legacy Of The Force #5 (Sci-Fi/Fantasy)
  16. Junot Diaz - Ysreal (Fiction)
  17. Joseph Heller - Catch 22 (Children/Teens)
  18. Jenna Bush - Ana's Story (Children/Teens)
  19. Mary Pope Osborne - Magic Tree House #1: Dinosaurs Before Dark (Children)


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