Wednesday, January 16, 2008

[video] My Big Redneck Wedding - Anna and Carl

"From camouflage tuxedos to arriving at the wedding on an ATV, some couples are going all out to show just how 'redneck' they really are. In front of their family and friends, these couples commit their undying love for each other with shotgun salutes, beer can canopies, and goat guided chariots.

These redneck couples plan their country-themed weddings and deal with family drama as they try to pull everything together in time for the big day. Watch as a father carries a shotgun as he walks his daughter down the aisle, dogs are used instead of flower girls, and wedding guests are escorted to a trailer on a pontoon boat - all on this season of My Big Redneck Wedding!
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Episode Summary
Anna and Carl are like two crazy kids in love. Carl is a proud redneck through and through who spends his days growing pumpkins, tending to horses, and sharing fresh chicken eggs with his family and friends. Anna is a beautiful countrywoman with a passion for horses (and for life). Carl likes to dumpster dive, go to garage sales and auctions, always in search of his next prize (or just something really quirky to collect). A bargain to Carl is like the Holy Grail. Anna thinks it's all crazy, but she appreciates the fact that he manages to get so much cool stuff for nothing or next to nothing. She may look proper, but this is one lady who wants her wedding feast to feature foods like pig, chicken and squirrel.

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