Friday, January 4, 2008

[video] Yin Yang Yo! - The Pecking Order/Party Favors

"It's Magic! It's Might! It's Mayhem! But mostly, it's Mayhem! Yin and Yang continue to channel the unique powers of their Woo-Foo martial artistry into a tempest of punches and punchlines. People tremble! Stuff breaks! Things explode! And it's Master Yo's hope that the bond of brother and sister can make them stronger still. Don't miss a minute of the fun!" -- iTunes Store

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Episode Summary
The Pecking Order: Fresh from their triumph over the Night Master at the end of last season, Yin and Yang think they deserve a break from fighting evil, but when a still-tainted-with-evil-Coop returns, they realize they can't shirk their duties. Party Favors: Coop's mom is throwing him a birthday party and doesn't invite Yin and Yang, who she thinks haven't been good friends to Coop. Yin is desperate to go, not because she wants to celebrate, but because she can't believe she wasn't invited and uses her Yinvisbility to sneak in! Meanwhile, GP (Saranoia's Gnome), Charles (The Army Ant) and Flavior (The Nightmaster's tailor) team up to become the new Nightmaster and need Coop's key to do it! Will Coop's birthday party end in disaster?

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