Wednesday, March 26, 2008

[music] Lady Antebellum - Love Don't Live Here

"Lady Antebellum is a trio from Georgia that's just about to release its self-titled debut. Ostensibly a country music group, the harmony-rich trio plays a warm mix of heartland-style rock on our Single of the Week, Love Don't Live Here." -- iTunes Store

Genre: Country

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the fine print: Downloads are usually free for ~1 week after they've been posted. After that, you'll have to pay for them. Sorry! You snooze, you lose.


Anonymous said...

Awesome, song...Love it.

Mutt said...

Beautiful harmony and a GREAT heartbreak, pick up the pieces it!

Tieyah said...

It's no longer free. bummer

WSI said...

Why do I get the message that this selection is not currently available in the US store?

Mike said...

if its not downloadable stop advertising it for free, down load its a waste of time