Thursday, March 13, 2008

[video] 2008 Season Preview

"Cub fans think this is the year after a full century of waiting. Red Sox fans think it's finally time for a Major League Baseball team to repeat as champion. New York fans think it's time to send off one of their two outgoing ballparks in style. Southern California fans think they have all the top contenders. What's going to happen in 2008? Join host Peter McCarthy for a one-hour look at all 30 clubs. Get divisional overviews, reports from Casey Stern, Seth Everett and Brian McRae on location at Spring Training, every team's 2008 goals, and a "Walking the Beat" segment for all teams from beat writers. Baseball is back, all is right with the world again, big surprises await this summer and fall, and you can download the show that will make you smarter than the fan who works next to you." -- iTunes Store

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