Tuesday, March 25, 2008

[video] Greek - Rush'd: Greek Casting Competition

"ABC Family's hit original series, Greek, follows the story of Casey and Rusty Cartwright as they navigate their way through Greek life at Cyprus-Rhodes University. Now that Casey and Evan have split, her feelings for Cappie resurface just as her rival Rebecca, catches Cappie's eye. And when her sorority sister Frannie goes after Evan, will it be more than Casey can handle? Don't miss even one episode!" -- iTunes Store

10 Week Challenge
In the first episode of Rush'd, we meet our contestants -- the six finalists voted most exciting by the VirtualRush.com community. We see where they come from and meet their college friends, then hear them explain the Virtual Rush experience and what the 10 Week Challenge meant to them.
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Getting 2 Know U
In the second episode of Rush'd, the six finalists arrive in L.A. and finally meet. Cue lovefest! We get to know them via Q&A and video we shot on their campuses. We close with a night out in Hollywood.
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The Moment Of Truth
In the third episode of Rush'd, our finalists spend the day rockin out in Hollywood. They shop, take some glamour shots, bowl a few frames, and even do some awesome improv along the way. A little fun and biz before their big day on the "Greek" set.
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Gone Hollywood
In the fourth episode of Rush'd, we're on the set! After months of hard work and harder play, the contestants finally set foot on the "Greek" set. What a Rush'd! It looks just like it does on TV, only more three-dimensional! Then they meet the cast!
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And The Winner Is...
In the fifth and final episode of Rush'd, check out our winner WhiteCup from Ohio State University, as she films her walk on role in an upcoming episode of this season's GREEK
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