Thursday, March 13, 2008

[video] Mystery Diagnosis - Survivors 2006

"Discovery Health's Mystery Diagnosis follows the investigations of medical mysteries. Symptoms emerge. Tests are analyzed. Specialists are consulted. But still, something is not quite right. Time passes and the daily struggle continues. And then one day, because of a patient's relentless pursuit of an accurate and final diagnosis (or the determined efforts of their family or a forward thinking doctor) the puzzle is solved and an accurate diagnosis given. Each episode tells personal stories through intimate interviews with the patients themselves, as well as their families, friends, and doctors. Personal photos and home movies, recreations, and CGI anatomy sequences take the viewer step-by-step through a medical odyssey." -- iTunes Store

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Episode Summary
We follow three people who defied the odds and their mysterious systems to become survivors. A baby boy is stricken with nonstop vomiting. A woman drinks three gallons of water night and day and gets up frequently at night. A man who doesn't sweat.

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