Wednesday, April 23, 2008

[music] Jil Aigrot - Mon Vieux Lucien

"If you saw the film La Vie en Rose, then you've heard Jil Aigrot. She was the singing voice of French vocal legend Edith Piaf in the film when Piaf's original recordings weren't used. Award-winning actress Mario Cotillard then lip-synced to Aigrot's renditions. Aigrot's uncanny approximation of Piaf's phrasings and signature material is available on the album Words of Love, on which you'll find this week's free Discovery Download." -- iTunes Store

Genre: Soundtrack

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the fine print: Downloads are usually free for ~1 week after they've been posted. After that, you'll have to pay for them. Sorry! You snooze, you lose.


annie b said...

A note mentioning the availability of these tracks would be nice guys.
I really fancied that track but it's unavailable as a free download on iTunes Australia do all these free downloads only apply to the US?

Randall Wood said...

I think he's getting all his free track links from the US store. (I'm in the US and have never had a problem using the links here). Perhaps iTunes Australia has its own weekly selection?