Thursday, May 1, 2008

[music] Santogold - L.E.S. Artistes

"Santi White is Santogold, a Brooklyn child running wild in the indie pop jungle. She raps and sings over a brutal concoction of dub, punk, electro, and new wave, eliciting positive comparisons to Karen O, Annabella Lwin, and M.I.A. The single L.E.S. Artistes shows Santogold's depth in a temperate slap at elitism. Influential producers such as Diplo, Freq Nasty, Mark Ronson, Switch, XXXchange, and Naeem (Spankrock) lined up to appear, produce and remix songs from her forthcoming self-titled album. Get on the Santogold bandwagon while there's still room." -- iTunes Store

Genre: Alternative

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Anonymous said...

THe song is simply great!!!!

Ron said...

Well I love the song on iTunes and I want to download it. Thanks for sharing it now I can enjoy it on my iTunes. Please do share some more tunes.


kelly said...

Lovely song , I heard for the first time , it has touched my heart and mind. Thanks for sharing this and Idownloaded it