Tuesday, April 22, 2008

[video] Bobby G: Adventure Capitalist - Dead In The Water

"With a lust for live and a knack for making major money, intrepid entrepreneur Bobby Genovese is the globetrotting, scuba diving, polo-playing savant behind BG Capital, with business ventures that take him from Aspen to the Bahamas, New York to Nicaragua. Each week, you'll get a glimpse of Bobby and his team, at work and at play, to see how thinking big can lead to living large." -- iTunes Store

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Episode Summary
The BG Capital Group may be in too deep as their Atlantis project, a fantastically elaborate underwater mausoleum seems to be in disarray. With one venture slowly sinking, Bobby turns his attention to a sure thing, the adult entertainment business, and winds up doing some market research at a local club. Meanwhile, on the Clearly Canadian soft drink project, Brent takes in a Phoenix Suns game and then meets with Clearly Canadian’s spokesman, Steve Nash, but struggles after a costly mix-up jeopardizes a distribution deal.

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