Tuesday, April 8, 2008

[video] The Paper - The Race for Editor-In-Chief

"Think high school is all fun and games? Think again! The Paper takes on the unusual but spirited subject matter of high school journalism and all the surprising drama it evokes at Florida's top high school newspaper, 'The Circuit'. It's fiercely competitive student staff exhibits the aptitude, pride, and ambition of future leaders and wants the world to know it. Between struggling to keep the peace with each offer, maintaining good grades, and managing extra-curricular activities, these students have their hands full but still put their heart and soul into finding stories and making the best paper in the state. Every day, these dynamic personalities battle it out to see who has what it takes to produce 'all the news that's fit to print'." -- iTunes Store

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Episode Summary
The lead editors of the The Circuit, the student-run newspaper at the largest high school in the country, wage an all-out battle for the coveted top position of editor-in-chief. On the line is the chance to lead the paper's staff of 70—not to mention a juicy spot on a resume to impress college admissions boards. Each candidate brings something special to the table—Giana’s got a nose for news, Adam is an advertising monster, Alex has his finger on the pulse of the student body, and Amanda is a born leader. The one common element they all share is the unfettered drive to succeed—but only one can emerge victorious. Who will emerge to take their award-winning paper to new heights? Will their individual ambitions tear their friendships apart?

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