Tuesday, April 8, 2008

[video] The Riches - Short Videos

"Blackmail. Murder. And back to life in the RV. The Malloys, after successfully passing themselves off as 'The Richies', a yuppie family living in suburban America, face big trouble in Season 2. Wayne Malloy tries to clean up the mess in Eden Falls while his con artist family hits the road and the Traveller way of life is hard to come by. Dahlia and the kids don't feel like professional cons anymore. They got used to life in Eden Falls and are now lost and unsteady when forced to live by their wits. When Wayne raises the possibility of returning to pull off one Last Great Con that could earn them enough money to stop running and conning forever, the Malloys decide to roll the dice. They risk going back to Eden Falls despite the ongoing threat from Dahlia's cousin Dale and the presence of a new and frightening adversary, a legendary Traveller named Quinn. Wayne's attempt to protect his family while continuing his quest to steal the American Dream proves to be more challenging than the Malloys could ever suspect." -- iTunes Store

Pig In a Poke
Wayne attempts to teach his children the art of selling something for nothing.
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Burning Bill
Cael Malloy has Wayne's money to burn.
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Short Change
The Malloy's demonstrate diminishing returns while changing a twenty dollar bill.
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