Tuesday, May 6, 2008

[music] The Blakes - Two Times

"Seattle-based indie rockers The Blakes don't so much perform their songs as swagger through them. Two Times is a case in point, a track that allegedly caught the ear of indie rock luminary Iggy Pop who was moved to say 'This shit is good'. We can't help but agree. The song takes a while to get to the chorus but once there, you find yourself wishing it would never leave. Grunge this most certainly is not but the music exudes a certain undeniable authenticity - clearly the work of a band that has paid its dues. And what could be cooler than a band named after William Blake?" -- iTunes Store

Genre: Alternative

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1 comment:

Sydney said...

The guitar = winner, but the singing kind of gets annoying. Great intro too. 4 stars for me.