Tuesday, May 27, 2008

[video] Ax Men - Toughest Season

"Explore the past and present of the rough-and-tumble logging industry in the first-ever nonfiction series about the treacherous life of Pacific Northwest timber cutters, Ax Men. For more than a hundred years, larger-than-life characters, many of whom are members of logging families that go back to the time when the West was being settled, have spent their days among towering trees and powerful machines, and their nights in outposts far from the comforts of civilization. Snapped cables, runaway logs, and treacherous machinery are among the many dangers that threaten their lives and safety today. Follow four logging crews through a season in the remote forests of northwest Oregon and see how - plagued by mechanical failures, relentless weather, and violent and unpredictable terrain - these men risk their lives every day in a constant struggle of man versus nature." -- iTunes Store

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Episode Summary
Ax Men looks back at logging's toughest season. The crews of Stump Branch, Pihl, J.M. Browning and Gustafson Logging have battled the elements, each other, and themselves in the race for green gold. With just three weeks left in the season, though, the worst storm in 25 years threatens to change everything.

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