Tuesday, June 3, 2008

[video] Ice Road Truckers - Road to Season 2

"Travel treacherous ice roads with the world's bravest drivers as they risk heir lives in another high-risk, high-reward ice road season. With extreme arctic conditions, the pressure of an unforgiving delivery schedule, and billions of dollars at stake, these ice road truckers put their lives on the line every day in the hopes of transporting as many loads of heavy machinery and supplies as possible to remote communities and gas exploration sites over 100 miles north of the Arctic Circle. Debilitating cold, the lack of creature comforts, and severe isolation are all in a day's work but the most dangerous of all are the ice roads, built not only on rivers, but miles out into the Arctic Ocean! One miscalculation of the road, bad weather, or an unseen hazard can mean the difference between life and death for these drivers - even slight slip-ups in speed can force the frigid water to crash up through the ice with catastrophic consequences. It's a bone-numbing job - and it's just the kind of challenge that keeps this special breed of driver coming back for more." -- iTunes Store

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Video Summary
Back for a second season, the truckers venture to the most isolated and dangerous ice roads in North America, gunning their rigs over frozen rivers and ocean, 200 miles north of the Arctic Circle. For a brief window of time each year the waterways freeze over, allowing engineers to create temporary roads over unforgiving terrain. This is the edge of the Earth, the last frontier for vital natural gas exploration, where the extraction of the trillion-dollar reserve trapped beneath the ice depends on the equipment that the truckers are hauling.

Extreme Arctic conditions prevail in this unforgiving climate, but this year, driving over frozen ocean means no land for miles around, just ice all the way to the horizon. The truckers must tackle titanic forces of nature. The road is unstable, constantly shifting and breaking apart beneath the tires, creating tremendous cracks that can swallow a truck. It is a job that only a few would dare. Titans Hugh and Alex and upstarts Rick and Drew are ready to conquer the Arctic roads alongside the local veterans, but each man will face new challenges on and off the ice. Who will survive and who will fall prey to the treacherous ice roads of the Arctic?

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