Tuesday, July 15, 2008

[video] Family Foreman - Boxing

"George Forman's family is larger than life. Will Natalie quit medical school to sing? Can George III (Monk) keep his dad's empire together? Leola's busy studying child psychology. George IV (Big Wheel) is a college football star. George V (Red) wants to race cars. Eight-year-old George VI (Joe) is pampered and loving it. George tries to toughen them up with a campout, the family goes to an Indy race where Natalie sings the national anthem, and George plans to fight again - unless his wife finds out." -- iTunes Store

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Episode Summary
George insists he’s not too old to fight and starts training for a comeback. Monk warns him that Mom is not going to like it. Big Wheel comes home from college for Leola’s birthday and spills the beans. Will George get back into the ring or will Mom K.O. the comeback?

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