Thursday, July 31, 2008

[video] Jurassic Fight Club - Cannibal Dinosaur

"They were the ultimate fighters - ancient beasts who walked the earth millions of years ago. With cunning and strategy, they hunted their prey - transforming the prehistoric world into a battlefield. Today, paleontologists are uncovering these battlefields and gaining startling new insight into how quick thinking, maneuverability, and striking at the exact moment separated the weak from the strong. The temperature, terrain, and an innate sense of the opponent's weaknesses and strengths all played a role in how each dinosaur planned his attack. LEading scientists and experts offer play-by-play commentary on battles that occured 70 million years ago as CGI imagery depicts the dinosaurs sizing up their opponents and flexing their prehistoric muscles in thrilling confrontations. Blow by blow, each episode of Jurassic Fight Club dissects these battles, uncovering a predatory world far more calculated and complex than we originally thought." -- iTunes Store

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Episode Summary
In 1998, a team of paleontologists working on the island of Madagascar uncover the remains of Majungatholus--one of the most terrifying predators of its age. However, several bones are found to hold bite marks from another predator. Modern crime scene investigative methods are used to measure the bite marks, and together with evidence found at another site, the attacker is identified as another Majungatholus; thus uncovering the first authentic case of dinosaur cannibalism. Experts recreate a scenario of what occurred when a male Majungatholus went in search of a mate, but found a non-receptive female who was more interested in protecting her young than mating.

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