Tuesday, July 15, 2008

[video] Wall Street Warriors

"Welcome back to Wall Street, the land of raging bulls and hungry bears, where winners wheel and deal and losers crash and burn. Witness the extreme power and intense competition that defines Wall Street through the eyes of those who thrive there ... in an all-new season. From seasoned veterans and established traders to ambitious newbies fresh out of school. Get an inside look at the fast-paced lives and take-no-prisoners attitudes of MOJO's Wall Street Warriors in season 2." -- iTunes Store

Up On Futures
Larry, the commodities trader, shows us how trading OJ futures is bigger then any game in Vegas. Laetitia, the rookie, graduates from college and goes to her first job interview in finance. Jim and Lance, stockbrokers to the rich, reveal how they are betting their whole career on one stock. Brett, the fund manager, investigates a new private bank in Connecticut and sees if it's worth investing in.
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Capitalism Rules
Wall Street Status: Over the last 5 days, the market dropped 300 points. Is the race to the top a marathon or sprint? Guy explains the importance of staying patient on Wall Street, while Parker defends the risky strategy of short-selling. Sandra gets her schmooze on at a networking event. Jill, retired at 27, works diligently on building her own hedge fund, and Alex teaches his young son some important lessons about success and hard work.
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