Tuesday, August 12, 2008

[music] SLO-O - Soul On Ice

"SLO-O skates over a classic Dr. Dre-style production with his crisp laid-back flow. The Sanfrancisco newcomer's hazy tale about grinding on sleepless streets takes on added drama thanks to strings that sweep across a hypnotic keyboard riff. The song's title references Eldrige Cleaver's collection of essays title references Eldrige Cleaver's collection of essays and SLO-O proves he too has literary flare: 'I walk with my soul on ice, on gasoline blocks, matchbook ready to strike, I'm trying to weave out.'" -- iTunes Store

Genre: Hip-hop/Rap

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1 comment:

Austin said...

How tired. Whats up Slo-O are you hoping that if you suck bad enough then you will come around full circle and be marketable agin? like William Hung or Tay Zonday? And Itunes - pretty weak little ploy here, you know most people have to pay to have their garbage taken.