Wednesday, August 20, 2008

[video] The Cho Show - Korean of the Year

"Having spent the majority of her career defying social norms and industry stereotypes, Margaret Cho has created her own identity, turning the tables on an industry famous for manufacturing its stars. VH1's The Cho Show provides an inside look at the fabulous over-the-top and out-of-the-box life of comedian/actress Margaret Cho as she explores the entertainment industry and pop culture phenomenon, including the supernatural world, youth worship, the green movement, and beauty pageants. However, the lessons learned are secondary to the laughs experienced along the way. Because, for Margaret Chow, the entire world is truly a stage." -- iTunes Store

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Episode Summary
Margaret announces to her parents that she is being honored as the "Korean Of The Year." Although her parents are excited, Margaret is hesitant to accept the award as it drudges up old memories of the Korean community’s less-than-stellar response to her career. Already stressed, Margaret’s parents surprise her with a baby outfit in their ongoing attempt for grandchildren. Meanwhile, Charlie and Stapleton battle to give Margaret the perfect dress for the event. On the night of the award show, Margaret nervously performs to a surprisingly adoring Korean crowd and finally gains the acceptance that had eluded her.

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