Wednesday, August 20, 2008

[video] Exiled - Amanda-Kenya

"It's two years after their over-the-top birthday bashes but these teens are still mooching off of mom and dad. Watch the parents send their pampered princesses halfway across the world to life with a teenaged girl from an indigenous tribe - sleeping where she sleeps, eating what she eats, and doing the chorse that she does. Will any of these daddy's girls be able to survive a week-long exile in a remote location, like the African desert or the Amazon, and come out of it with a new appreciation for the lives the lead? or will their parents7 revenge send them over the edge?" -- iTunes Store

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Episode Summary
Two years ago, Amanda had a super sweet 16 any girl would die for, including a performance by R&B sensation Ciara. The grand total for Amanda's Polynesian extravaganza? More than $200,000! And her father said he would do it all over again... Flash forward two years, and not much has changed. Amanda is still a spoiled, bratty, pampered princess. She graduated from high school last spring but still lives at home and hasn't been working or going to college. In fact, she spends most of her time shopping and going to the beach. And, yes, daddy still pays for whatever her heart desires. But all that's all about to change!Her father’s had enough of her entitled behavior so Amanda is being EXILED to the plains of Kenya, where she’ll live with members of the Massai tribe and spend her days exactly as they do. From herding cattle and trekking four miles just to get water to building a house from dung and watching a goat be slaughtered in her honor, this prissy princess is definitely going to be out of her element! Can Amanda learn to grow up and get her attitude in check or will she wilt in the African heat?

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