Wednesday, August 20, 2008

[video] Z Rock - videos

"Rock band by night, kids band by day. Based on a (kinda) true story. IFC gives you a backstage pass to Z02's struggle to become rock royalty while dealing with the realities of everyday life, such as accepting gigs they'd rather turn down, dealing with emotional club owners, scorned female fans, and most importantly: avoiding their angry husbands! Watch ZO2 rock out to the extreme at local clubs then transform in to Z Brothers, helping birthday boys and girls in million dollar upper East Side apartments blow out their candles in style. Like the true rock gods they aspire to become, the band snags plenty of insatiable groupies and moms-gone-wild along the way, with hilarious and sometimes cringe-worthy results." -- iTunes Store

Behind The Mayhem
Three guys, two bands, one dream. Never before seen footage from the new IFC Original Comedy Series, Z Rock. Brothers David and Paulie and pal Joey are leading a double life - by night, as ZO2 - a power rock trio that's trying to hit the big time...and by day, Z Brothers - a successful kids party band. Guest stars include: Joan Rivers, Sebastian Bach, Dave Navarro, Dave Attell, Dee Snider, Gilbert Gottfried, Chris Barron, John Popper, Greg Giraldo, and Patrice Oneal.
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Music Video
Z02 needs a music video for their song, "Isolate" and they need it fast. Dina brings in Dave Navarro to direct, but he pitches an idea that goes a bit too far and Aunt Joan Rivers pitches an idea way too raunchy. In the end, it's baby brother Brian Z who gets the job done right.
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