Monday, October 27, 2008

[video] Easy Money - DNA

"Sometimes it's hard for us to feel connected. We feel alienated in our home, apart from our own family. Morgan Buffkin (Jeff Hephner, Nip/Tuck, The O.C.) is no exception. He's the favored son helping to run Prestige Payday Loans, his eccentric family's enormously successful short-term loan company. While his mother Bobette (Laurie Metcalf, Stop-Loss, Desperate Housewives, Roseanne), the brains behind the business, dotes on him and sings his praises, Morgan has never quite fit in and he's doubting the ever-shifting stories she's woven about his childhood. Furthermore, he's having second thoughts about being the heavy for Prestige — in an era of subprime mortgage lending and four dollar gasoline.

Be ready for the unique, sometimes dark and hilarious challenges Easy Money throws your way, challenges like family and money. Neither one of them is easy to deal with and few people know this better than Morgan Buffkin.
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Episode Summary
"Easy Money" is a dramedy set in the world of a Southwestern loan shark family. Led by business-savvy matriarch Bobette Buffkin (Laurie Metcalf "Roseanne"), Prestige Payday Loans is a thriving quick-cash company. But trouble quickly comes from thuggish new competitors, the Mamayo Brothers, and it's up to middle son Morgan (Jeff Hephner "The O.C.") to quash any tension. Morgan, though, is having some tension of his own. Having always felt out of place in the Buffkin household, Morgan investigates a childhood secret with the help of beautiful grad student Julia Miller (Marsha Thomason "Lost" "Las Vegas") much to Bobette's chagrin. Morgan has always been Prestige's "heavy," running down ne'er-do-wells and gambling addicts, but he's ashamed to admit that fact to Julia. It doesn't help that Morgan's older, but less mature, brother Cooper (Jay Ferguson) knocks heads with corrupt local Detective Yapp (Chris Browning) who, in turn, blackmails Morgan. If Morgan can find a way to fend off the local yokels and unlock the secrets of his past, he just might be able to spend more time with Julia and find a better life for himself. Katie Lowes, Nick Searcy, Judge Reinhold, Joe Peracchio, Gary Farmer, Peter Navy Tuiasosopo, and Kimberly Estrada also star. Alik Sakharov directs a script by executive producers Diane Frolov & Andrew Schneider ("The Sopranos," "Northern Exposure").

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