Tuesday, October 14, 2008

[video] Pressure Cook - Tasmania

"Learning how to properly cook kangaroo. Eating the head of a crawfish. Coming face to face with hairy cheese. Renowned chef Ralph Pagano takes fearless to the next level. Each week, the culinary master gets a one-way airline ticket to an undisclosed international location. Upon arrival, he must quickly immerse himself in the new culture and learn about local customs and cuisine. He's got three days, using solely his cooking skills, to earn enough money for his ticket home. Of course, if he fails, the penalty is extreme. Part cooking show and part travelogue, this is miles away from the ordinary." -- iTunes Store

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Episode Summary
Ralph heads to Australia where he climbs aboard a lobster boat and discovers more sea creatures than he bargained for. Will an Abalone contest doom him to enjoying a Witchetty Grub as punishment?

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