Thursday, October 16, 2008

[video] Samantha Who? Starter Kit

"After living with and learning from her amnesia, Samantha Newly has been given a new lease on life. In Season 2, Sam will grow into her own person, both for better and for worse, and her transformation will inspire surprising changes in her friends and family. Every life has its ups and downs, but if you can find out what — and who — really matters in your life, you'll do just fine. Christina Applegate leads a stellar cast in this unforgettable hit comedy that proves it's never too late to become the person you should have always been." -- iTunes Store

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Episode Summary
In this classic tale of girl meets car, car hits girl, girl loses her memory, Samantha Newly comes out of an 8-day coma with retrograde amnesia. Which means she doesn't remember she's been cheating on her boyfriend Todd, stabbing her BFF Andrea in the back and giving the silent treatment to her parents for two years. As her past begins to reveal itself more and more, Sam likes her old-self less and less. Seeing her accident as a chance to start her life all over again, she sets out to make amends to those she's wronged and turn herself into a entirely different person. Well, not an entirely different person she's keeping her giant closet full of shoes.

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