Friday, October 31, 2008

[video] Sorority Forever - Week 1: Sisterhood, Terrible Mistake, Sexy Bra Shopping, Panty Pledge, Nobody Likes a Fat Girl

"Phi Chi Kappa is the hottest sorority on campus. For every freshmen girl, getting in seems like a dream come true, but there are mysteries around every corner of the Phi Chi House. Behind the sex, the drama, and the beautiful people lies a terrifying secret." -- iTunes Store

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Episode Summary
Julie is pressured by her sister to pledge with the Phi Chi Kappa sorority. The Phi Chi pledges move into the house. Julie skips out on a Phi Chi event and meets a mysterious stranger at a rock club. The rest of the pledges are punished for Julie's mistake. Phi Chi's president has a private chat with Julie

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Suggestion that would make freeitunessongs much more useful:

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