Tuesday, October 7, 2008

[video] South of Nowhere - Inside South of Nowhere

"Tragedy takes hold at the start of the new season of South of Nowhere, as the prom-night shooting claims its victims and Spencer and Ashley struggle to rechart their existence in the aftermath. For Ashley, that means grabbing Kyla and leaving school and home to design herself a new life in the real world — but not before falling back into old habits and old relationships. That leaves Spencer to face being the "out" girl in school without Ash to protect her. Season 3 of South of Nowhere: Got it all figured out? Think again." -- iTunes Store

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Episode Summary
Discover the origin of the heart of South of Nowhere. Creator Tom Lynch and the cast talk about the characters, the fans and the lasting impact of the series. See the final episodes Fridays after Degrassi, starting Oct. 10, only on The N.

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Jeamy said...

South of Nowhere is a nice show that deals with general family and teenager's issues in a convincing way. To me one thing is very good about this show which push me to watch south of nowhere TV show that is some issues which trying to identify yourself.

watch South Of nowhere said...

i,totally agree with Jeamy,it's nice blog and the show is fantastic too.i don't have time to watch it on tv so i download south of nowhere and then i watch it.

Download south of nowhere episodes said...

This is a nice show .I never misses this show.It deals about the sexuality of the teenagers.

Anita said...

Nice post about nice TV show!! Awesome concept..
I love to watch South Of Nowhere Episodes now also.. Whether this show is offline now. All the characters have performed tremendously.