Tuesday, October 14, 2008

[video] The Starter Wife - The 40 Year-Old Virgin Queen

"Debra Messing returns as Molly Kagan in the hit series, The Starter Wife. Once Hollywood royalty and now ex-'Wife Of' a major movie producer, Molly is determined to make her own place in the world. While the miniseries centered on the summer of Molly's divorce that forced her to start over, in these all-new episodes, Molly has moved into a home of her own with her seven-year-old daughter Jaden and is ready to navigate her new life as a single mom and define herself on her own terms.

While facing the very real challenges of trying to begin a new career at 40-something, Molly is now also juggling the ongoing emotional and financial complications of her divorce from Kenny, who could use a remedial course in parenting; new love interests, despite recently having sworn off men; and raising a grounded daughter in a town that doesn't exactly have its priorities straight. With the help of her loyal friends Joan (Emmy-winner Judy Davis) and Rodney (Chris Diamantopoulos), who are trying to figure it all out for themselves too, as well as her new Starting Gate School ally, Liz (Danielle Nicolet), Molly will discover how to forge a new life even when her past is always present
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Episode Summary
year has gone by, and Molly Kagan's happy ending has fallen apart; her children's book didn't sell, Sam preferred his old life, and her ex-husband is bouncing checks because he sank all his money into his latest film. Realizing she must rely on herself, Molly joins a writer's workshop to give her career a shot in the arm. Intimidated at first, reading from her private diary wins Molly the praise of the group. Things are looking up, but when Molly refuses to sell the dirt in her diary, it goes missing after a party.

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