Tuesday, November 18, 2008

[video] All Dogs Go To Heaven

"The series picks up where the movie "All Dogs Go to Heaven 2" left off. Not only has Charlie left heaven and gone back to earth to be with Sasha, but his best pal and right-paw-dog Itchy has also returned to continue to work with Charlie. Highlights include Charlie returning to heaven for training after botching a good deed; Itchy getting kidnapped by a spoiled rich girl; Sasha leaving The Flea Bite Cafe in Charlie and Itchy's hands ... with disastrous results; and Sasha realizing that she doesn't want the perfect dog, but loves Charlie just the way he is." -- iTunes Store

Cyrano de Barkinac
Itchy falls in love with a beautiful show dog named Bess, and asks Charlie for help in wooing her. Bess, however, falls in love with Charllie, and when Itchy finds out, he calls it quits with his partner. When a bully Boxer named Manfred threatens Itchy, Charlie defends his friend. Itchy realizes Charlie is honest, and he finally has the courage to express himself to Bess. Bess discovers it's Itchy whom she loves, not Charlie.
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La Doggy Vita
When Charlie tries to take a magical shortcut, he ends up multiplying himself by three...with three times the trouble. Will our hero get out of the cauldron of trouble his alter-egos get him in?
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When Hairy Met Silly
Charlie and Itchy break up a fight between two puppies. To teach them the value of friendship, Charlie tells them the story of how he and Itchy met as young dogs - when Charlie was the leader of a street dog gang and Itchy was an unappreciated sissy yard dog!
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