Tuesday, November 4, 2008

[video] Cities of the Underworld - City of Blood

"Cities of the Underworld host Don Wildman is back for Season 3, and he's tearing through the streets of the world's most famous cities to uncover secrets hundreds of feet beneath the pavement. Part Indiana Jones, part history buff and urban explorer, Don tells the stories you won't get above ground. This season he takes viewers into meandering combat tunnels in Okinawa, mafia escape routes in Sicily, secret surveillance nerve centers in Las Vegas, and many other forgotten underworlds that have been lost to the hands of time. Join Don as he delves beneath the streets of these illustrious cities to explore and investigate sites mostly unknown to all but archaeologists and locals of the land, and walk with him in the footsteps of history as state-of-the-art computer graphics bring to life and detail how a modern city miraculously doesn't collapse onto the past hidden safely below." -- iTunes Store

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Episode Summary
Hundreds of ghost stories lurk in the shadows of London, England, but behind every myth and legend is the terrifying truth that sheds light on one of the darkest periods of this city's history. In Victorian times, violent crimes, extreme poverty and lawlessness forced Londoners to band together to survive. In a time when science and medicine challenged the Church, and disease and overpopulation drove the poor to do jobs only the Devil himself could imagine, London set the stage for chaos. From body snatchers and serial killers to occult clubs and pagan rituals, Victorian Londoners lived by their own rules...both above and below ground. Don Wildman explores London from the bottom up and tells the stories most would rather remain buried.

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