Thursday, November 13, 2008

[video] Extreme Trains - Coal Train

"Your ticket to some of the most thrilling, high-octane train rides in history is here! Extreme Trains> host Matt Brown, a real-life railroad conductor from New England, brings his infectious passion for these monster machines to rail journeys across the United States. Feel the force of railroads in history, and see how railroading is about more than machines, cargo and challenging terrain. From the demolition of Penn Station, to the first train robbers and how the Nazis tried to blow up the rails in World War II, to the human blood, sweat and tears of the stokers, engineers, and bathroom cleaners that keep the industry moving, tag along with Matt on one of history's most exciting rides. Episodes include Amtrak's Empire Builder, The Burlington Northern Santa Fe Freight Train, The Norfolk Southern Coal Train, The Ringling Bros. Circus Train, and The Union Pacific Refrigeration Train." -- iTunes Store

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Episode Summary
Matt joins Norfolk/Southern's coal train as it hauls its priceless cargo of coal through Pennsylvania from mine to power plant. This is the train that brings power to America. When full the train weighs 14000 tons and getting that weight over the Allegheny mountains is a massive challenge. Matt pitches in with the crew as they load up the train and learns how the Nazis tried to blow the tracks during World War II.

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