Friday, November 7, 2008

[video] Human Wrecking Balls - Automotive Annihilation

"Witness 7-time world record holders, the Pumphrey Brothers, demonstrate the science of destructing the indestructible. We call it man vs. man-made! Craig and Paul Pumphrey break apart everything from an airplane, a car, and even three houses using only science — and their bodies. They'll show you the amount of force and pounds of pressure it takes to destroy everything man-made." -- iTunes Store

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Episode Summary
In a test of man versus man-made, the Pumphrey Brothers test exactly how much Pumphrey an American muscle car is made to withstand. Paul struggles to shoulder ram the driver's side door off as Craig attempts a death-defying leap from the top of a forklift to cave in the roof. A car flip, not a coin flip, determines who is going head first through the rear windshield, a break that has landed Paul in the emergency room once before. Who will come out on top? Watch and see!

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