Wednesday, December 24, 2008

[music] Stephen Colbert - Another Christmas Song

"Forgive us for being overly, well, jazzed about Stephen Colbert's Another Christmas Song — the iTunes Store does get a mention in it, after all. In our defense, the big band instrumentation and Colbert's instantly recognizable (yet impressively easy on the ears) voice help to present the set of humorous lyrics with a swingin' effortlessness. It's the perfect track to open the equally excellent " -- iTunes Store

Genre: Holiday

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Via said...

This song may or may not be music, but it definitely is a most spot-on spoof on those corny Christmas Specials with Andy Willians and other which I was cruelly exposed to as a youngin.

Lyrics are hilarious -- should be on everyone's very necessary mock-Christmastime playlist.