Tuesday, December 2, 2008

[video] Mom's Cooking - various episodes

"In each episode of Mom's Cooking, host Joe Corsano follows one eager participant as she surprises and enlists her mother to teach her how to make a treasured recipe step-by-step. Corsano guides the women as they bond throughout the cooking process and recount memories surrounding the preparation of the meal. After working together in the kitchen, mother and daughter share the final product with family members." -- iTunes Store

Lauren & Lorraine's Manicotti
Lauren and her mom are a lot a like, except for one thing: Lauren can't cook! She will surprise her mom Lorraine, and enlist her help to make a traditional Italian meal: manicotti, braciole, and Tiramisu. Weekdays at 11 and 11:30 am et/pt.
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Ursula & Carol's Secret Barbeque Ribs
Ursula and her mom are very close, but Ursula has never learned her mom's secrets in the kitchen. Ursula surprises her mom and uncovers the secrets behind her mom's barbequed ribs, tomato and mozzarella salad, and rhubarb brown betty. Weekdays at 11 and 11:30 am et/pt.
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