Tuesday, January 20, 2009

[video] King - Minister

"'I have a dream.' These four simple yet powerful words immediately define the extraordinary man, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and the phrase is the most powerful symbol of the tears and the triumphs encountered during the turbulent civil rights struggle of the 1960s. His lyrical eloquence moved a nation to demand — in non-violent protest — equal and fair treatment under the law, and in hearts and minds throughout America, for people of all races.

This mesmerizing miniseries chronicles the life of Dr. King from his early days as a Baptist minister in the 1950s, through his civil rights activities such as the Birmingham Bus Boycott and the March on Selma, his recognition as one of the most brilliant orators in American history, and his untimely death by an assassin's bullets on that fateful April 4, 1969 night in Memphis.

King, nominated for nine Emmy awards, centers around a critically acclaimed performance by Paul Winfield as Dr. King; the strong cast also includes Cicely Tyson as Coretta Scott King and Ossie Davis as Martin Luther King Sr.
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Episode Summary
Part One of this mesmerizing three-part mini-series chronicles Martin Luther King's early days as a Baptist minister in Atlanta in the 1950s, where King begins to build a following by arranging peaceful protests to try and undo the injustices bestowed upon people of color.

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