Tuesday, February 24, 2009

[video] Blue Dragon - The Shadow Comes Forth

"Shu is a spirited boy with big dreams, but nothing he's dreamed of can prepare him for the world of magic and danger he's about to enter. When he awakens a legendary shadow named Blue Dragon, Shu finds himself thrust into an epic adventure as he and his new comrades seek to stop the evil Grankingdom from dominating the world . . ." -- iTunes Store

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Episode Summary
Young, impulsive and adventurous Shu lives a peaceful life in Talta Village, sharing his love of all things mechanical with his friends. But the peace is about to be shattered as two mysterious warriors, Zola and Jiro, arrive. The village is subsequently attacked by the Grankingdom, a land whose sole desire is to take over the world using both Shadow power and machines. With his village hanging in the balance, Shu awakens the legendary Blue Dragon, a Shadow of incredible power and strength.

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