Tuesday, February 17, 2009

[video] Karlifornia - My Big Birthday Bash

"Karli kicks off the season celebrating her 25th birthday at one of LA's hottest clubs. Which celebrities can she get to show up at her fiesta? She may need to pull in a few favors. This season the show gives the viewers a closer look at what it's like for Karli, la chica next door, to juggle her VJ gig at MTV Tr3s and her job on the radio, both of which give her an all-access pass to her own favorite celebrities. Karli is in a place she could only dream of: VIP parties, big red carpet events, behind-the-scenes TV exclusives, and meeting the music artists she jams to. Karli will expose the MTV Tr3s audience to the glitterati that is Los Angeles, with a side of delicious realness that is her Abuelita and familia. This 818 valley girl has always dreamed of being on the other side of the hill, and now we see her live it!" -- iTunes Store

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Episode Summary
Karli is back and she has a lot to celebrate! The first production meeting of the season Karli finds out she is on special assignment for Mi TRL interviewing America Ferrera and the cast of Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants 2. It's big for a young Latina about to turn 23. Karli's birthday is coming up and she wants to make it special! With the help of her new publicist Mari, Karli plans a red carpet event with press and celebrity guests, but will there be room for her family? The publicist doesn't think so, but what does Karli want? Will the girl from the Valley have her fabulous Hollywood event and keep her family, too?

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