Tuesday, February 17, 2009

[video] Quiero Mis Quinces - Christina

"Quiero Mis Quinces takes you inside the world of the always-dramatic coming of age party of a Quinceañera. They're lavish and exquisite but can easily become a teenager's worst nightmare. We go behind the scenes as teens prep for their dream-come-true party that officially announces them into 'womanhood'. We are with her and her parents as they struggle with the logistics, argue over who has the final say, decide on a dress, the music, everything to make sure hers is the best 15's her friends have ever seen." -- iTunes Store

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Episode Summary
In order to have her grandfather attend her big day, Christina decided to have her princess themed quinces in Jalisco Mexico where her family is from, but this has caused some delays in the planning. After a 36 hour drive she is stressed out with only a few days to go through the choreography with her cousins, find a new venue, and she still doesn't know if her grandfather will show up to her party.

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