Tuesday, February 10, 2009

[video] Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory - Super Blob

"Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory won't find our skateboarding hero lounging around and scheming at the familiar Rob and Big house in the Hollywood Hills. Instead he's commanding operations in a massive, 25,000-square-foot industrial 'and fully skate-able' warehouse and office complex near downtown Los Angeles. Anything from zip-lines and giant skateboards to trampolines and indoor blobbing can be achieved in Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory.

The characters inhabiting the Dyrdek Enterprises warehouse include Rob's slick manager, the blurred-out maintenance man, the blonde-haired 'gangster rapping' receptionist, and the reclusive, socially awkward skate coach.

Get ready to visit Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory, where strange and wonderful dreams come true.
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Episode Summary
In the Fantasy Factory series opener, Rob gets right to work filling his new, Willie Wonka-esque warehouse with fun things. He sets his sight on "blobbing," a method of launching people into the air with a giant,  inflatable tube, and decides to put one in the Factory. In Rob's quest to mogul up, he also invites NBA basketball star Lamar Odom down for a game of one on one, and tries to convince Lamar to become a fellow investor in a restaurant that Rob has a piece of, called "East."

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it's nice, i guess? But how can i dowload it?