Tuesday, February 17, 2009

[video] Rock Dinner - Akwid

"Guess who's coming to dinner? During Rock Dinner, the biggest fans will get a once in a lifetime chance to cook dinner for their favorite artists in the intimacy of their own home. But before they get to meet them, preparation needs to be had! With only 12 hours (and a limited budget) to prepare the food, the house, and the parents, this excited fan will have to stay cool while trying to impress their superstar dinner guest. Menus chosen by the artists will be given to those lucky selected fans, who will need to prove that anything can and will be done when it comes to their favorite artist. The evening culminates when the invited artist plays an intimate acoustic set for the fan and his/her closest friends, bringing the perfect ending to an unforgettable night." -- iTunes Store

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Episode Summary
In this episode, lucky fan Melissa gets to cook Mexican food for her favorite hip-hop duo, Akwid. Picking her sister Maggie and her friend Kathy to help, Melissa hits the ground running with her mission. But everything slows down when Akwid changes their mind for the dessert, and Sister Maggie loses her temper and quits.

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