Friday, March 27, 2009

[video] Bully Beatdown - Ryan: The Family Favorite

"Bullies can pick on the small and the weak, but can they handle a trained, professional fighter? Bully Beatdown brings together bullies and their victims for the ultimate showdown.

Victims enlist the help of host and pro MMA fighter Jason 'Mayhem' Miller to get a bully off their backs. Mayhem will then "ambush" the bully by calling him out in front of others, giving him no choice but to either accept the challenge of fighting an MMA fighter or to look like a coward.

With the fight set, Mayhem makes sure the victims and the bullies get what they deserve. For the bully, it's giving him the real experience of what it's like to fight someone who is more than capable of fighting back. For the victims, it's giving them the satisfaction of seeing their bullies finally meet someone who can make them suffer for their past actions. After the fight, will the bully change his ways? Or will he need another beatdown?
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Episode Summary
Mayhem Miller comes to the rescue of Alan, by putting Tony "the gun" Bonello in the cage with brother-bully Ryan for a little family therapy Bully Beatdown style.

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