Tuesday, March 3, 2009

[video] iVideosongs - More Guitar Videos

"This collection of iVideosongs titles shows you how to play an assortment of rock hits that represent a decade of innovations in modern rock. Including songs ranging from the epic strains of the Goo Goo Dolls' 'Iris,' radio hits like Sister Hazel's 'All For You,' and 'Round Here' by Counting Crows, these titles will provide any guitarist with a useful arsenal of techniques and songwriting concepts. Every note, chord, and technique is thoroughly outlined and explained by an expert iVideosongs instructor as well as fundamentals of tone and applicable music theory. Tablature and chord grids are embedded in the video for all song segments along with a full song performance in sync with the backing track." -- iTunes Store

Slide Guitar Technique
Sister Hazel guitarist Ryan Newell shows you the basics of slide guitar technique. For the beginning lead player who has never used a slide, Ryan demonstrates fundamentals including intonation, muting, and vibrato. Notation in the form of tabalature and chord grids are embedded in the video.
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Intro to Pentatonic Scales
In this set of tutorials, instructor Danny Grady introduces the most commonly used scale in rock guitar: the Minor Pentatonic Scale. Along with the fingering, Danny also demonstrates several methods used to color the basic scale such as chromatic tones and sequencing. As one of the fundamentals of rock, blues, and jazz guitar, this tutorial is ideal for beginning level electric players.
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Embellishing the Pentatonic Scale
In this tutorial, instructor Danny Grady shows how to enhance your playing the basic pentatonic minor scale. Using more advanced left and right hand techniques, this tutorial is ideal for intermediate level players. Notation in the form of tabalature and chord grids are embedded in the video.
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