Tuesday, March 24, 2009

[video] Modern Toss - Promo

"Modern Toss is a bang up to date new cartoon sketch show from Channel 4 in the United Kingdom. Based on the hilariously sharp, acerbic and occasionally foul-mouthed hit cult comic and website, Modern Toss's triumphantly low-tech approach to cartooning turns technology back on itself in favor of stripped-down simplicity — concise and direct like a slap round the head from a drunken child.

It features a unique blend of stylish animation, live action, classical music and a cast of almost surreally straight-talking cartoon characters — most notably Mr Tourette, the fearless master signwriter whose challenging business re-branding solutions are often mistaken by clients for deliberately abusive drivel.

Then there's the ball of scribbled destruction that is "Alan." Driven by some strange inner demon of mischief, his persistent family troubles reach a new pitch when he ties a tree to the back of a jeep and drags it through his sister's living room.

Other characters include The Daytrippers: the SAGA louts who've really got it in for Britain's heritage sites with a commitment not seen since the Luftwaffe; Sneezeman: a cartoon nose-shaped man and strategic allergic missile who destroys everything he smells. And loads of others. Prince Edward: Royal Entrepreneur; Flytalk: a show biz gossip-obsessed crew of downbeat flies uniquely positioned to witness the real behind closed doors lifestyles of the rich and famous.

So come on, lets have you!
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Episode Summary
MODERN TOSS is a bang up-to-date, new cartoon sketch show that also features live-action animation hybrids.

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