Tuesday, May 12, 2009

[video] Art Mann Presents - Best of 2008

"Art Mann Presents . . . is an exclusive variety program hosted and produced by the former host of E! Entertainment's Wild On. Art Mann Presents . . . takes viewers on a crazy, unforgettable ride each week to see many different places and people, from the Indy 500 to Carmen Electra, from Mardi Gras to Pamela Anderson. Art Mann creates, produces, and hosts some of television's most enterprising programming, inserting his easy-going style, expert timing and real-guy attitude." -- iTunes Store

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Episode Summary
Welcome to our Show. If you hear some noise, it's Glenn - found some chips in Spencer's garage. This is out Viewer Mail Special. We're going to be reading all sorts of viewer mail; it should be viewer email, right? Because we're not even looking in the PO Box. It's Viewer Email Special: I'm changing the name right now. Although we did pull some of it off of Facebook, too. We've been trying to Facebook it. Anyway, enough useless, boring information.

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