Tuesday, May 5, 2009

[video] Dreamriders

"DreamRiders is a documentary film featuring Bill Roulston, a divorced father teetering on a mid-life crisis, and Nico, his eighteen-year-old son teetering on the edge of manhood. Ten years past a devastating divorce, a growing gap between them has birthed a quiet desperation in Bill to reclaim the love of his son. He proposes a bold plan to rekindle their relationship: a 4,000-mile odyssey across America from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic . . . on bicycles. Bill, dreamer that he is, has never been on an overnight bicycle trip in his life. And Nico, who has never ridden a bike further than ten miles, agrees to go. An extraordinary tale of redemption, DreamRiders is a reminder that our most important journeys, the ones that we must never quit no matter how long the road, are journeys of the heart. " -- iTunes Store

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Episode Summary
DreamRiders follows a divorced father in his attempt to reclaim his relationship with his teenage son after a devastating divorce. Bill proposes a 4,000-mile bicycle journey across the U.S. from the Pacific Ocean to Coney Island, NY - and his son Nico accepts.

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