Tuesday, May 5, 2009

[video] Gotti's Way - Marriage is Murder

"It's a new season for Gotti's Way and life goes on for Irv, Deb, and the kids. This season is about breaking the cycle. For Deb that means taking the first steps towards independence and showing her kids that this is not the way a marriage is supposed to be. For Irv, the record industry, and in particular hip-hop, are in dire straits and there's no signs that it's going to change. As a result, Irv is going to shake things up by breaking a new street artist 'Newz'. Irv's kids Sonny, JJ, and Angie continue their trials and tribulations of growing up. Even though non-traditional, they are still a family: Angie is dating and beginning to look at colleges, Sonny is becoming a talented basketball player, and JJ is still the baby in the family. It's another season of Gotti's Way, so get ready . . ." -- iTunes Store

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Episode Summary
It's been eleven months since we last saw the Gotti's -- Irv is still trying to get back to the top with a new hit artist but the music industry is going through an unprecedented slump.

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